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She Went Outta Town Songtext

You drove her to the airport, took her to the gate
A strong willed woman with a tear in her eye but you couldn't wait
Stopped at one of your old haunts
With one of your old friends
Thinkin' it was time to drown a hurt that never mends
She went out of town, and you went on a tear
Chasin' all the pretty women
Makin' trouble everywhere
Breakin' a string of promises
And you were quite a sight
But when the cat's away the mouse will play
And it's a hinky tonk every night
Drinkin', smokin', flirtin', sinnin'
Dancin' all night long
Doin' things you never do when she's at home
Called me up at 4 a.m. as they were closin' up the bar
You said you're sorry, what a lousy liar you are
Is this what happens to a good ol' boy
When your woman goes far away
You shoot your strength a fatal glass of beer
And it's back to your old ways
Leni wird 17: Mama Heidi Klum findet rührende Worte für ihre älteste Tochter
Vor 2 Tagen
Leni wird 17: Mama Heidi Klum findet rührende Worte für ihre älteste Tochter
Die Spice Girls inspirierten Beyoncé
Vor 2 Stunden
Die Spice Girls inspirierten Beyoncé

Album Pulling up Atlantis

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Demolition String Band - She Went Outta Town
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