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It No Matter Songtext
von Degree

Hehe! A Dat Yuh Seh,
A Dat Yuh Reakky Seh
Will Hear Wah Me A Seh Now
Cah Mi Waa Yuh Yuh Understand Me Enuh
Really Really Understand Me Enuh

It Nuh Matter Mi Nuh Care Di Situation
Wah Wi Ina Right Now
Mi A Tell Yuh Seh Mi Still Waa Deh Wid Yu
Mi Nuh Si Nuh Reason Why it Couldn't or it Shouldn't Work Out
Mi A Tell Yu Seh Mi Still Waah Deh Wid Yu
Have Nutten Fi Lose if Wi Tek A Cruise Nuh Excuse Nah Look Nuh One Fi Use
Mi Waah Deh Wid Yu
So Hang Up Di Phone Now Girl an Go Home Now an Mek Dem Know Seh
Mi Waah Fi Deh Wid Yu

Last Night When Yuh Phone Me and A Tell Mi Seh Dat Yu Would A Well Waah Own Me
Mi Listen to U Story an Fall in Trance Fi Di Tings Wah Yu Show Me
Yu A Tell Mi Seh Yu Lonely and Yuh Have Somewhere Yu Would A Waah Mi Explorey
Big Surprise Yu Gimme Di Vibes Jus Realize Nobody Don't Owney
Come Ride Dis Pony Don't Matter Bout Nobody Yu Fi Controley
Mi A Tell Yu Surely Woul A Waah Yu Fi Have Me Holy an Souley
So Nuh Mek No Goaley Try Stop Your Ball When Yu Ready Fi Scorey
Me an Yu Fi Deh Me Ago Mek Dat Happen Wait Yu Nuh Know Me

Cah Di Way it Feel Yes it Must Be Real
Di Way Fi Feel About Wi One Anadda Like Magnet to Steel
Don't Put Up Nuh Steel Let Us Make A Deal Girl and Dat's Fah Real
Wi Must Tek A Vow Contract Sign an Seal
Head A Spin Like Wheel Yu Full A Sex Appeal
But There is Sum Else Mek Me Constantly Deh Pon Yu Hell
So Nuh Tink She Dat Mi Worry Which Infama Waa Sqweel
Mi Ready Now Fi Any Raw Deal
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Heidi Klum: So steht Leni zu ihren knappen Outfits
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Aurora Ramazzotti: Sie ist schwanger!
Degree - It No Matter
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