Problem melden

Last Ditch Effort Songtext

[freddie b]

This is it...


This is it...

This is it, somebody write my obituary
Put the dirt on me, say some words for me
This is it, somebody try and save me
It's the way i'm pacing, i'm going crazy
This is it, somebody pay some attention
It's no big deal, or should i mention
I'm bled and dry and laying on the floor
I've given all i can, please no more
This is it, and i'm not kidding
The last ditch effort is what your getting
This is it, somebody make some noise
From the front to the back i'm not giving you a choice
This is it, you're getting all i have
Not bad meaning bad, give it one last stab
This is it, you can try to call my bluff
I've got no more, enough is enough
This is it
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Album Unique, Just Like Everyone Else (2005)

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Deepspace 5 - Last Ditch Effort
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