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Judah fist travel lion eye, ion eye
Follow the steps, people pushin up to zion I
Know thee way to the show me state
But my actions rarely show the way my soul relate
And so we hate to juggle real life in the bubble
But when things are gettin hard, thank God for the struggle
And I see them fall seven times seven million
But its when I'm weak that he's brilliant
Fill me with resiliancy so that this emcee
Let the gentleness and lovin be revealed in me
Its for the children, we buildin the temple back
This body's only wakin spiritual tent was at
So represent with that, its heaven-sent in fact
The narrow path gonna keep my paragraph intact

And then im askin that you fill my basket fat
With the bread of life called to shift the balance back
Valiance that shows how strong this track blows
As God's spirit life the path where we grow
Slow, but steady on track for reload
Life without His brilliance is a trap and He knows

Fight the struggle, fight the pain, feelin brilliant
Seen the rain, see the sun, simply brilliant
We come together like, work together like
What God has put together is straight brilliant

[freddie b]
Thank you Father, for the trials that you put me through
That everlasting love pours, and it runs from You
I wanna come with You, hold hands and walk with You
Forgive me for the carnal things that i always do
Your hand stumps the foundation earth pivotal
Pray you close my mind when i rhyme less spiritual
Stand up and be the man called for the ministry
Visually see you in the pistons affectin me
Put aside the emcee, break me down and change me
Be the most beloved, thats the name that You gave me
Devil tried to mame me, You came and saved me
Had me intercede for my friends and me daily

Yo, watch as the Man upstairs worked miracles for nothin
If you equipped to see it, tell me somethin
Everything He's touchin is brilliant and shine pure like gem stones
Claim self for white, his wealth was short like lymph nodes
Might as well been clones, cuz without Him sin roams
Chokes out the love that He sent to repent into men those
That are in need of a new start to refresh like mentos
If you havent heard before, consider know that you've been told

When the light shines, givin the eyes of children
Fill a void, revealin the real in livin, its brilliant
Fulfillin top billin, status capture in blind spots
Kaleidascope in dope a joker style inside of pine box
I pause a brought of justice and its brilliant
Elevate the standards far above us and its brilliant
Pillagin your pimp strut to plain and simple limp, dog
Its fun and games till names and titles start to gettin ripped off
Only time these cats are bustin shots is when they lick salt
We sick of pullin all the weight, involved like its a rickshaw
Illustrate like pixar, incredible and brilliant
Indelible to millions, got to keep it keep it brilliant
Spotlight on the fallen to watch it rise from the wreckage
Pull a record from the archives so you can get to steppin
Weapon i call thunder speach, bystanders don't want to speak
Believe we even breathin, rabbi, this beat is brilliant
Judith Rakers: Angetrunken auf Sendung
Vor 9 Stunden
Judith Rakers: Angetrunken auf Sendung
Fiona Erdmann hat nach Fehlgeburt mit Körper zu kämpfen
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Fiona Erdmann hat nach Fehlgeburt mit Körper zu kämpfen

Album Unique, Just Like Everyone Else (2005)

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