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Dead Or Alive - Sex Drive Songtext

*Oh! the suns going down, the nights coming in
I've got a brain for business, and a body for sin!
So shoot like a rocket 'cos my engine is hot!
If you want what's forbidden, baby that's
what I got!

SEX DRIVE! (x 6)

**Sex Drive ! it sees no gender or colour
So let's get together and colide with each other
SEX! DRIVE! Aaagh! you know how it feels
Get out of my car, and get under my wheels!

SEX DRIVE! (x 4)

French kisses a thing of the past
Were too young to die, so we'd better live fast
The dying is easy, the urge is so hard
If you're looking for funkin' then get into my car!

I'm a mercedes benz, why don't you jump on in?
I got a rear view mirror you can watch us in
The harder you drive,! the smoother I go!
I got my engine running!



Get under my wheels! (x3)
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