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So Good Songtext

Tres, oh tres, tres, oh tres, tres oh tres

Have you ever been so mystified by anyone else before ? (hey)
It feels so natural, I keep coming back for more.
And each time we touch, we open up a new door.
Baby you're such a mid-ninties.
It's gonna take everything to keep you from me.
And the joy that your lovin' brings,
Can seperate the mountains from the seas.

I don't wanna be wrong, but it feels right
Loving you is so wrong, I don't wanna go.
I don't wanna be wrong, but it feels right.
It feels good, so good, so good, so good.

Spent so many nights thinking I was wrong for you to be in my life.
Can't ignore it when some say it ain't right (it ain't right),
But i've decided you're the best that happened in my life.
I haven't had everything, (oh no)
But you come close to everything that I need (hey yeah)
In heaven's eyes love is embraced between you and I.
Now that we have each other, I don't have to dream


I don't wanna be wrong, but it feels right. (it feels good baby)
Loving you is so strong it can be wrong (don't wanna be wrong)
I don't wanna be wrong, but it feels right.
It feels good, (oooh) so good (so good), so good (so good), so good (so
Good so good so good...)

Tres oh tres tres oh tres

(mix of intro and chorus)
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Davina - So Good
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