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David Rovics - Song For My Broken Heart Songtext

Nothing's changed for me
When I see your face
I see the dawn
And like you, it's filled with grace
When I look into your eyes
I see all that I have known
I see a red sunrise
And the kindness you have shown

Nothing's changed for me
Now when I think about those days
I feel a tremble in my knee
And my impression never fades
Oh, to touch your golden skin
And the fullness of your smile
I bemoan the state I'm in
And I love you all the while

'Cause nothing's changed for me
And like everybody here
I'm so glad that you could make it
It's so good to have you near
For your words I laugh and cry
And as I look around I'm sure
I'm surrounded by your lovers
Only one of many more

But nothing's changed for me
I still yearn for your embrace
Sometimes I close my eyes
And then I gaze upon your face
I know everything must end
But I remember our last kiss
I recall your parting glance
And there's so much more I miss

'Cause nothing's changed for me
Except you went away
You're moving on
And I'm stuck in yesterday
So I'll wish you all that's good
And I'll make a toast for you
For all the places you may travel
And for whatever you may do

'Cause nothing's changed for me
I'm still in love so much
I know I'll be OK
But I miss your gentle touch
There are songs for victories
Songs for things that fall apart
This is just a song
For my broken heart
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