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Francoise Ducros lost her job
As Director of Communications
She was representing Canada
At a meeting of the NATO nations
When she had the gall
To say what was very clear
Something everybody knew
Which they didn't want to hear
In the global mafia
There's no doubt who's the Don
But everybody knows
That George Bush is a moron

Maybe you voted for him
'Cause you like to shoot your gun
Or perhaps you own an oil company
And you're happy that he won
But if that is the case
You know you've got to take it on the chin
And thank the Gods
For the doctors of the spin
'Cause if it weren't for soundbites
Then just like his Uncle Ron
There'd be no one left who could deny
That George Bush is a moron

Perhaps you protested
And said it wasn't fair
He didn't even win the vote
He should not be in there
But maybe you still have some dignity
And you try to put on the best face
'Cause you just can't come to grips
It seems like it just shouldn't be the case
It's as if there's this really stupid cop
With a nuclear baton
Not only is he evil
But George Bush is a moron

Well perhaps you are hoping
You can make it to the end
Just a few more years
And we'll be around the bend
If the world is still standing
And not yet blown up into pieces
With a rally at the ballot box
We can see that this nightmare ceases
Until you look over your shoulder
At what might happen when he's gone
Once it captures your attention
That Tom Daschle* is a moron

*Insert here the name of whichever moron appears to be the Democrats' lead candidate.
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