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Klap Your Hands Songtext

Verse One: Dray
Well uhh, ???? is macaroni and cheese
Before I start, I gots ta umm fart, no I gots ta uhh sneeze
Not, I gotcha trippin, yippity-doo-da-day
Shucks, I'm makin bucks so umm hip-hip-hooray and then some
Cos I'm a powsy wowsy ace boom coon
So shout "Wa-bap-a-loo-ba-bawa-bam-boom!"
Drayx up for sure dang, now that I'm flexed
My a-EFX'll quote, when the bridge fell down
And I'ma good ship with the lollipop
Left town so yiggity-yack, you booga-loo black
Oki doki, oopsy Daisy, cos I'm Krayzie like that
But it's the cat got snuffed, or Mr.Red and his crew
So roll a spliff and rub-a-dub and then ya make beef stew
Troop, I got the hoolahoop, baby woop, dooby-doo
Lassie boy, you made a mess, now go and get the pooper scoop
Oops, I wibble-wobble-wobble-wee while I make
But hocus-pocus and yippy-yi-yo, yay for Dray and......
"Klap your hands now" (x3)
Verse Two: Skoob
Bon voyage, look out below cos umm
I got my socks on, the popcorn, the Hubba Bubba, yep gum
Skippity bum, you think I don't know the time
Well it's half-past a cow's ass and I'm a real bad ass
Yeah, shitty-bang-boom-bang, yo who rang?
Abra-cadabra, jimminy crickets, set the wrists to my slang
I got the knights all sniffin, sneezing, yes
Stuffy-head, called for ???? and fever, sow you to rest
Tight rhymes, ???? catch the fever for the flavor of a spliff
Or a Uzi, be careful who you choose, could choose a Marvin, choose a
Lickity split, cos flippity-lips can sink ships
And yo, a sandwich isn't a snadwich without the miracle whip
In the morning, yawning as I stand for group check
To back up, I slap up, r-r-rut put you're boo deck
Yep, so what the heck, you gives rhymes like a cheque
Because the A is for apple, the J is for 'ja back to book bets'
And then S-K-double O-Be on *?mansel?*
So if ya happy and ya know it, klap your hands
Hook (x3)
Verse Three: Dray
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Das EFX - Klap Your Hands
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