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Here It Is Songtext

Yeah, here it is
Do it like this
Comin' from the sewer yeah you know we never miss..
Here it is
Back up in the scene,
Here to make the green
And niggaz out there know just what I mean
I ride the beat like a jockey,
Short and stocky
Never sloppy
The honeys wanna clock and knock me
It don't shock me,
I see it all the time,
Get a little fame and now a nigga look as fine as wine
I know the game because I study
Me and my buddy
Ain't nuttin funny niggaz know the sewer style is nutty
Give me the money cuz I'm tryin to make a million
Rollin with my clique and yo we dick like a Sicilian
Bringing the drama for the masses
Whippin niggaz asses,
So get ya glasses time for classes
I take my chances, I gots to go for broke
So knocka don't provoke, just chill and roll a smoke,
It aint no joke I know you recognize the sound,
It's diggety DAS EFX and this is how we gettin down
Here it is...etc.
Dollar dollar dollar place your bets across the table
One mo' time cuz its show time without the cable
Holdin down the spot and any wack penetrators
Is fallin to the flames of my rap incinerators
I'm afraid I got some bad news for crews
By the twos son it's hard like booze so don't snooze
I'm throwin jabs, hooks and uppercuts to your face yeah,
Hittin you with the perfect combination like Stacie,
That is sure I be the jibber jabber jour
I'm gettin perilous
The skunk derelict ghetto lyrical specialist
Say yes its thick
The restless clique
From PMD to fool with the Lexus whip
Now true indeed a few MC's they just don't know what they doin
Cuz when I smoke the blunt, nigga,
They just had the blunt canoein'
So yo, now I gotta dis cause niggaz piss me off
The way that y'all be rhymin if you want like Doggie Diamond
Here it is...
Crazy Trazy, holding down the block
I riggedy rock the miggedy microphone nonstop,
You bitin rappaz better exit cause when I flex it
You won't neglect it cuz when you least expect it
Kid I wreck shit
Bring it from the sewer
Miggedy mic check can't forget the one two-a
The incredible man of the season
Here's the reason its the rhymes I'm releasing
It aint no joke that's how we do it nowadays
Bring it from the sewer wreck shit and then we sways
Another dat another buck-fuck
What nigger please
I'm overdue wit these foes niggaz I'm bustin out ya toes
To get ya dancin
Son I even got my crew makin hits like Charles Manson
Kids nappin, can't forget the ransom.
I'm not so handsome
So when I pickup my pen my temper tantrum
Overcome it like voodoo,
And I'm rougher than bruise you
Sharp like cold crystal
Yo my niggaz told istal?
I don't eat the beef pork or the goat tissue
Black I blast a missile penetratin through ya radar
Hey star ya style's horrible like fuckin Haggar
Hip hip hooray-K
A the eye swella
The one who be hittin the bitches blue black to high yella
It's the boogie banga
Better yet the banger of the boogie
A black Champion like my hoodie
Here it is....
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Das EFX - Here It Is
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