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(*Here comes the hit squad, I got some bad news*) (x8)
Well it's the Boogie Banger at your service (service), my crew got
Nervous (nervous)
Son the word is we on some rule the shit like *?Kervis?* (I rule the

Blow, yo I get dough, la Rockafella, nigga please
I got more cheese than mozarella kicks it accapella
I swella fuck up on some other shit, rougher shit
I'ma hold it down and take a puff of this
Greenery, keep the scenery, didn't seem to be in order for thee
Flip the slaughter, fuck a quarter nigga
A second wasted is a dollar lost
Peep the rhyme holocaust, servin cocktails by Molitor
So PMD, ahh, when you ready then you're wilin
Pick up the steel and hold it down for Strong Island
It's PMD up in the sector, I wreck the microphonin
I'm quick to pull a Tek and snap that neck and leave ya moanin
Kid I'm zonin, it's on and I'm back up on the block
(Aiyo, we represent the sewer!) Son, I represent the dock (dock)
Puls I knock (what?) niggas out the box quickly
Kid I'm strictly motherfuckin business so get wit me
Yo Scratch hit me so I can do my thing and blow the spot
It's that nigga Krayzie Drayzie come to show you what I got
Check the clock if you don't know the fuckin timin
Well I'm rhymin, I'm shinin like a motherfuckin diamond
Kill the whinin cos I'm in effect like this
(Yo son we bring it from the sewer) and yo, you know we never miss
The hit squad, ya shit's harder every year
It's diggity Das EFX and PMD to make it clear, yeah
(What?) Ya catch a bullet in ya gut
And if you try to run you catch another one to your butt
Hut one two, hut three
We riggity rock the miggity microphone as you can see G
Uhh, what???
(*Here comes the hit squad, I got some bad news*)
*repeat to fade*
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Das EFX - Bad News
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