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Dangerous Songtext

"I come across" --> Danja Mowf (cut and scratched)
I come across and down like a puzzle
The Mowf of Danger, I should wear a muzzle
There are no constraints that can Silence this Lamb
I am, a menace to the MC society, quietly.. hush!
Peace, be still, my skill, comes off
From the North side of the James
I take aim and shoot my weapon
Inflame and maim, then I keep on steppin
Perhaps it's the aggravation that I kept in..side of me
Waiting idl-y, for my turn to come
From, some, land uncharted
My styles, changed projectiles and bombarded
A whole nation, a rain started
Seas have been parted, devils have been outsmarted
Cold-hearted, and getting colder
I cross that line and knock your momma off your shoulder
Pull your punk folder, ignite the mic, and watch it smolder
To ashes, I code brain bashes in dots
And dashes, S-O-S, mayday!
I Dy-no-mite like J.J.
Drop offspring bombs like BeBe, remaining Unseen
Your fun world gets blown up to smithereens
All you hear is si-reens, and screams
The scene is obscene like the onscreen Halloween
"Word to mother, I'm dangerous!" --> Biggie Smalls
(cut and scratched for four bars)
It's ominous, how drama just, soars out of my pores
Like nitroglycerin sweat, listen and get, your fishy style
Baited with my hook cause I'm the illest, fisherman, yet
On a Golden Pond of MC's I float, float, float on! Word is bond
I wave my wond and brunette to blonde
Respond, from here to beyond, til infinity
You can't see, mi-mi-mi
I sharpen vocal chords just like singing swords
When the tape's, on record, I summon
Mysterious words just like ouiji boards
Mad whores, flock, to my block
From here to Bangkok feening like I slang rock
But I grind MC's til they're void, and null
Mr. Owl, find how many licks to the center of your SKULL
For being dull, and lifeless
My fist raises and I point and the wack evacuate
The joint -- about face MARCH
Cause I'll break you off like the top from the starch
You're falling like an arch, rival no survival
Or revival after my arrival
Lyrical virtuoso, latinos go _voca peligroso_
Now you know so...
"Word to mother, I'm dangerous!" --> Biggie Smalls
(cut and scratched for four bars)
"Word to mother, I'm dangerous!" --> Biggie Smalls
(cut and scratched for four bars)
Yo, Danja Mowf is definitely "dangerous"
Dolla Bill is definitely "dangerous"
Mike Street is definitely "dangerous"
Mad Skillz is definitely "dangerous"
Kalonji is definitely "dangerous"
Lonnie B is definitely "dangerous"
The Mindbenda definitely "dangerous"
Little Rock is definitely "dangerous"
Javon is definitely "dangerous"
Speedis Toine is definitely "dangerous"
DJ Reese, is definitely "dangerous"
SupaFriendz, definitely "dangerous"
V.A. ... [Richmond, takin out all competition]
Yeah, V.A. ... [gunsmoke... it's definitely] "dangerous"
Evelyn Burdecki kehrt zu ihrer Mutter zurück
Vor 11 Stunden
Evelyn Burdecki kehrt zu ihrer Mutter zurück
Loreen gibt Einblicke in ihre Musik-Philosophie
Vor 13 Stunden
Loreen gibt Einblicke in ihre Musik-Philosophie

Album Word of Mowf (1997)

Danja Mowf
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