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She's Getting It Somewhere Songtext

I think I've worked it out that you have someone else

I know I'm not the wisest man but of this I'm pretty sure
See you've got a hidden agenda and I know you've been scheming lying and cheating
But you're getting slack and you're holding back on the love that you're giving me
(It's cause I'm getting it somewhere else)
You must be getting it somewhere else
You're good at telling lies I can't take it no more
Trying to get him out the back, the back door
But I saw him in the back of my four by four
(How did you know?)
He dropped his pager on the floor
But he couldn't have thought he?d get away that fast
I jumped in the truck with my foot on the gas
So listen up son I think it's time we had a chat
(Who you calling sun boy, don't you play me like that)

I knew she was getting it somewhere else
(How did you know when I'd hidden it so well?)
Did you think that I would work it out myself?
(It's not what it seems)
How do you explain the text received?
(It must have been a wrong number you're going crazy)
She's getting it somewhere else my baby

Now you come to mention it there's a lot that don't make sense
Like the night that you said you were home and your car it was gone
And the lights weren't on
So tell me what's the deal does it make you feel like no one could find out?
(Didn't think you would)
Did you not think that I would oh yeah?
We're laying in bed in the middle of the night and the phone rings (ring ring)
But you turn it off quick and then look at me (thank god he's asleep)
You're wrong I'm awake see
I picked up the phone (just leave it alone)
But who would be calling thinking I wasn't home?
About time I called 1471 (sorry the caller withheld the number)
I should have know


Middle Eight
(Before I leave can I explain?)
I think you've said enough here's your bags pack your stuff
Could you shut the door behind you on your way?
(I guess there's nothing left to say)
I think I've heard it all before don't forget about the door
I'll see you on your way


(I can't believe you worked it out)
And now you'll find your left without
(I know that it will work you'll see)
I make my bed for two not three

I knew she was getting it somewhere else
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Dane Browers - She's Getting It Somewhere
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