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Drinking out of Cups Songtext

What does this guy think he's an Indian?
What is he a goddamn asshole? What the fuck is he doin'
Not ever.
No way.

Now he's Johnny Hammersticks
Hammerin' away like he's friggin' Tommy Noble, What the hell is he doin'
Thinks he's, thinks he's got it goin' bossa nova
No way. No way!
What is this garbage.
What is this?

Oh I'm king of the trees, I'm the treemeister
I count on them.
What sometimes I pry I got like the steelst
Yeah right. Yeah right!
This guy's a faggot
Guy's some sort of faggot Indian in the teepee
Ooh this guy thinks he's Captain Knots
Captain Tyin' Knots
When everyone needs some knots tied, they go to him
Bull shit!
Bullshit dice.

His woman's such a bitch
Thinks he's Miss Sand
Drinking out of cups
Being a bitch
How bout a fist
How bout a fatalisk t, barnd
Patters compelll a little kid in the background fuckin' going crazeeee

Who's this guy Mister Balloons
Mister Balloon Hands
No way. No way! Get real!
Like those things

Mister Walkway
Mister walk down me I'm the walkway
Lead me to the building
Fuck you
5643 yeah right!
Here's some stupid bitch.

Who paid for that floor?
Not me! No way!
Never paid for no floor never again
Not once
Not never

Whose chair is that?
Who bought that goddamn chair here?
It's not my chair
Not my chair, not my problem
That's what I say
No way

Stupid dresses
Stupid flowers
Lighthouses rule
You don't like the lighthouse? you suck

What is this, Sea Horse Captain?
What sisis sea horse sea shell party?
Who didn't invite me!
Why didn't I get invited, sea horse sea hell?
What is this
Get real!

I'm in love with sea horses
I'm in love with them
They're so beautiful and cute
I'm in love with the sea horses
They're fuckin' unreal, I love them
They're like all the clocks, I love 'em
I love sea horses, and I love lookin' at 'em
And I love sea shells. I love sea shell things
I love things with sea shells and sea horses on 'em
Like blankets, and towels, and little bags
I love 'em!
Sea horses, forever!
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Dan Deacon - Drinking out of Cups
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