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Look at Me Now Songtext

Tell me who you see
When you look in my eyes.
Yeah, it's really me
That you don't recognize.
I almost believed you and gave up
When you wrote me off.
You almost succeeded completly
Till somehow I rescued the faith I've lost.

Whatcha gonna say, whatcha gonna do,
How you gonna get me to me now.
Never understood, no you never could.
Never really knew me no how
You kicked on me, when I was down.
It's funny how things come around ?
Cause look at me now,
Cause look at me now.

Hey it's onl ymoney,
Ant the trappings of fame.
But now all of a sudden
You remember my name.
You're doing your best to convince me
That's it's only words.
But I'll nerver forget how you hurt me
And now that tables finally have turned.

Refrain: ...

Never thought I could,
Never thought I would.

You thought I was a beet to the ground.
It's funny how things have turned out,
Everything's all turned around.
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Dakota Moon - Look at Me Now
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