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Daddy-O, Daddy-O from Stet?
Word black!
C'mon man, you buggin
Yo, the one and only
You zonin now with that
Daddy-O money, I'm tellin you!
Yo (?), yo hold up hold up hold up
Brother's comin back,
But what's Daddy-O gon' come with in 1993?
He better come right
I don't know!
(Yeah, here we go)

1993, and we say..
I'd like to give a big up to my East coast peeps
Showbiz and A.G., P.E., B.D.P.
G. Rap and Polo, Lords of the Underground
They got it goin on
The West coast got flavor too though
Cause they got the Fellowship Shop and uh
Hieroglyphics got props
And I couldn't wait for Snoop Doggy Dogg's LP to drop
Big up to my man Ice-T! (Big up..)
+Cop Killer+ and all that, congrats on the new label kid
Blow up, blow up!
Yo, I'd like to give a big shout out
To my producer on the board, my man Ed man
Break it down Ed (ahhhhhh)
Yo one more time one more time (Ed, Ed..)
I like that.. my man, Rich Crash is on the set
The engineer, we don't wanna say all-star
Cause we ain't down with that Juice Crew thing
But anyway, after this roll come up right
I wanna give a big shoutout to my management record company
My little bro Kedar, shinin like a star
To my Atlanta crew, Arrested Development and all them
They got it goin on
My crew in Minneapolis, the Inner Sanctum
Big Tim from the Group Home, they got it goin on
And to everybody from Brooklyn for stayin behind me all this time
Latin Quarter days, (??) allathat, check this out

Do you believe in survival?
Here's a little touch of that new school stuff
Can't grow it on trees, it's a special blend
Of them herbs and spices that make you go nutty
Brand new year, so I gotta make the style match
Nine-to-the-three still equals three
That's one for the money and two for the show
Three for the rhyme and the way the horns blow
Sorry if you missed me, now I'm back
So you can all get with me, that's a fact
Don't ever try and diss me, if you do
I'll turn you blue, and have to bury my shoe
Inside your dome, I'm back from my stay away
When you bought my tape, you declared a Daddy-O day
When I make music, they play it in the Jeeps
And it sounds SO good, you wanna run and tell your peeps
That the O's got a new way, of makin the rhyme flow
You know I ain't (?) so act like you know
Those who doubted and continue to bite
They can deepen it in and you can chew all night

Big up to my man Little Rob he's in the house
And he got it goin on
To my Uptown crew, my nephew Hasi Boom
On the tapes and all that
To all the Uptown DJ's
Ron G and Kid Capri and all of them
For makin them bad ass tapes we play in the Jeeps and the cars
Congratulations, the Fever's back open
Gotta thank my man Big Sal for that
And before I get outta here
I just got one thing to say to y'all
Y'all got a lot to worry about
Mike Tyson is a Muslim now, I'm out

(Yeah, yeah, give it to 'em Daddy
Give it to 'em Daddy, a let me have it Daddy
lright Daddy, bring it to me Daddy
Give it to 'em Daddy, a let me have it Daddy..)
Iris Berben äußert sich über Erlebnisse in ihrer Jugend
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Iris Berben äußert sich über Erlebnisse in ihrer Jugend
Vor 4 Stunden
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Daddy-O - Intro Joint
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