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Make It Happen Songtext

This that sit, that sosodef shit, check it
One to the Two, it ain't a thing for da brat to give it to you
Three to the Four in ninety-six Brat hit your ass with a whole lot more

Verse 1:

Ay, when I step inside your party yo I turn dat bitch out
Let em know what i'm about this is my fuckin' house
The uncompatible, capital B eyes stay chinky
>From da green inhaled into my body
All spot lookers kill ya search cuz this block on lock
And plus dem little bitches you got don't want no work
Not even to come in contact with
Its ritual to da death that we don't tolerate no wack shit and thats it
All da way crunk half drunk off da remi
Makin' niggas jump speakers pump is all dats in me
Spittin' shit like a semi-auto don't never stop getting cheese
Is da motto you's follow drinking straight from da bottle
Attitude is shitty very inqwery kitty holdin' down the windy city
West side thats right I ain't got no time for joy jappin'
Test me and watch me make something happen

Chorus: Das right....umhmm, Brat make it happen....
Well....umhmm, I like that, well make it happen...hey

Verse 2:

Uh, she was the one to make it happen when dat bitch went platinum
Ain't nothing average about the magic between me and da mike and da actin'
When asking a question who put it to the test check the record
Hit top hottest rap and r&b single July second
In ninety-four you flew the funk in, ninety-six back again
Committed some moe sinnin' fuckin' up most men and women
The bad seed with mad weed follow no fuckin' leader
True believer in da factor can't no motherfucka beat her
Keep ya feet up Brat bout to sweep up, niggas can leap up
And creep up still stay beneath her
Cuz she bust and what to death discuss they between us
Take precaution prepare to bite da dust and just take dat shit as a lost
Collect billboard and soul train awards from my trouble
Crappin' you motherfuckas out and coming back for double
Nice on da dice sippin on Hen and ice da time is right
Seven eleven on the first go round with funkdafied I made it happen bitch

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Da Brat - Make It Happen
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