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[Cap one] cap one
[cuban] cap one you wit me baby?
[cap one] cuban
[cuban] yeah
[cap one] sup cuz
[cuban] im cocked locked and ready to rock!
[cap one] doin it again this year
[cuban]AH! HU HU HU HAH
[cap one] send a plane for me
[cuban] hu hu hah
[cap one] bring me on top uma bring that rock we gon get that chop

[Chorus: into cubans verse I GOT MY EAST SIDE RIDAS ridin wit me I GOT MY MIDWEST RIDASridin wit me I GOT MY NORTH SIDE RIDASridin wit me I GOT MY DIRTY SOUTH RIDAS yo yoridin wit me ya'll niggaz better grab yo pounds add more rounds cuban link is back in town, ask around i dont be backin down its too late ya'll done fucked up now buck thum down fuck them clowns, cross me its on fo' life im as cold as ice you should have never went and rolled the dice you owe me twice dawg you know the price i told you its an over bite look over your sholder when you roll at night i told your soliders like they ready to hype and i cant wait to toss you over to christ six off its over your legs, camaras action all you gonna see is hammers blastin old school fashon spanish assassin instead leave you askin, multiple fraction show no compassion we all in for the doe and the flashin hoes and the action that gos wit the askin we all tryin to grow old wit some cash, rolls and a mansion still scoot em right past back flash and i thought it was classic spoiled wit passion talkin and laughin its war when i catch em, fuck a dentist who ordered a slashin sportin a strap and i switched the game niggas straped and clap and i live for pain they sportin a chain just to get the fame, its a whole different level now shit dun changed its not the same now this lame snitchin to the po po strait up bitchin like homos switchin they logos gotta keep it lopro OHOH!]


[CAP ONE] fo my niggas gettin money on the block in the summer when its hot wit a bundle of rocks fence hop run in yo spot shits hot its why a nigga gotta move wit the keys like im runnin from the borders order like im livin out of order torture rule of the game if you talk you get slautered then i post when i pivit, pivit and pushin packs i was an young nigga pushin lacks only took two weeks to get back im coppin better whips seven forty five with kids niggas gettin pulled over wit 8 balls i ride wit bricks she fill the mints pop sham and fill a dream drop lam and philli seats goddamn i kill these beats, leave ya mind blown posted get yo shine on cap one and cuban link bitch this is grind mode... bitch this is grind mode


[CAP ONE] hey nore?...we hustle with out limitations through trials and tribulations i pile the plenty cakes in, through the death of a gangster i out in the matrix, playin my posts im down in oasis, that semi chopper that kid is proper one shot gone 100 yards i could drop ya, runnin streets wit crooks teach you how to reach a book while weed blows in the kitchen at pirico
[CUBAN] hit em up like pac glock in hand 1-2-3 shots pop ya man niggas better not stop and stand or you'll catch a few of dem, in 95 to 80 west hit the interstate wit 80 tecs mine squirt wit lazer specs and hit now what to do wit em cus im an M.O.B. RIDA! so when i come around through yo town best belive a would provide ya, we all for the gats, weed, and crack im loyal to this slangin shit, killin shit, bangin shit and no i aint explainin shit


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