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Cheat on Her Songtext

Yea, and anotha one
Big Pun baby, Big Pun baby
Tony Sunshine, Cuban Link now baby
Terror Squad now, Terror Squad baby
Terror Squad baby

[Chorus: 1 - Tony Sunshine]
Cheat on her
Cause shes gonna cheat on you
? A lil crushing?, at a hot lil spot
At a rendevouz
Cheat on her
Cause shes gonna cheat on you
Cuz shes? gettin nasty? wit ya best friend? Nate?
Or ya brother too

[Verse 1: - Cuban Link]
Aiyo excuses excuses
I'm sick of this bullshit its useless
You're ruthless, you accused of me cheatin
But where's ur proof miss?
The truth is, u keep flippin too much of those loose lips
Is it because I got the chicks feelin my music
If the shoe fits, wear it
Yo u be thinkin I'm stupid
Actin like u dont do shit, I studied ya movements
And uve been too slick since they first introduced us
Ya used to be? in every dance club in the U.S.?
You should think before u speak
Tryin to blame it all on me
Eager to beaf so u could leave and have a cheap excuse to cheat
See I kno the game baby, You been actin strange lately
A lil deranged you changed u aint the same lady
Playin me shady claimin that I'm runnin trains daily
Sayin u hate me maybe its the fame thats makin u crazy
Maybe its me and jus the way that i see it
Better believe it, if i never got caught i never cheated
Keep it real even the sweetest girls be cheatin at will
Then u see em chillin like u and dont be feelin no guilt
Willin to deal wit it givin u dat devious grill
Cuz she feels u did it so shes gettin even to heal
I know da deal

[Chorus: 2]
Cheat on her
Cause shes gonna cheat on you
She lookin kinda classy
But you find her at ya house, comment talez vouz
Cheat on her
If shes gonna cheat on you
She sumthin nasty
Wit the whole Terror Squad foundation boo

[Verse 2: - Big Pun]
Thought I was livin low key
Official pimp daddy ol' G
My whole steez was drinkin beer and throwin trees
But don't sleep a freak aint always a mack
Then I found out my lil sweetie was blowin out backs
She was lonely in trapped, started sippin Bacardi
Met sum pimp at a party, now she strippin at Ardy's
Pop the whip on a Harley
Mad kickin the body,? finally slipped at a hottie
Gripped the politic at menagie?
Probly ran more trains than the third rail
Fuck it, its her world, Mind you this used to be a church girl
? Wit sum words filled?, jus knowin I'm responsible
When I sleep all I see is Mandingo throwin and King-Kongin' you
Can't rest, its like I'm hexed for life
How much respect u expect when niggas is sexin ur wife
Professional advice, ignore the whores and the hooters
Cuz pains in the heart, hurt much more than a bruise
More than a loser, cuz I lost love in the fast lane
Next time I'll think twice before I give away my last name
Its mad strain, mad strife mad stressful but its a man's game
And ur wife could be next. I'm out.

(Tony Sunshine)
I'm sorry is all that I can say
I cheated, I pleaded
I'm sorry

[Chorus: 1 & 2]

Shes gonna find out one day
It's done for life
Ooooooo, oh ohhhhh
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Cuban Link - Cheat on Her
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