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Writings on the Wall Lyrics

There’s a light that’s shining down on me
And it gets brighter every hour
Every chance it gets me down on my knees
As I try to keep my hope and power
I should know when the sunset hits the sand
The light of moon, gleams gently in the snow
And the night comes down on me
When I’m in need of a heartbreak
I make my way where I know I don’t belong
To the place I shouldn’t go, no, no

Once you’ve played your cards out
You’re about to take the fall
Though in your search for freedom
You insist on standing tall
Though the one’s that blind you
Are the one’s you choose to call
Oh once again, once again the writing’s on the wall

Feel the heat that’s coming down on me
Getting warmer every hour
I try to reach, but feel helpless
I try to zoom
But this tattered lens is old
But what I still hold

Like a desperado
Who has blisters on his hands
Everywhere that he goes
He is forced to take a stand
And in his search for freedom
He might falter, he might fall
Oh once again, once again the writing’s on the wall

Well let’s try this all again
Gather all your troops and let the rush begin
See paradise will find you
If you choose to raise your hand
Though you’re feeling weakness
Well just get back up again

Once you’ve let your heart out
And you’ve watched it take the fall
Later you’ll feel free cause it wasn’t it at all
Then the one who’ll find you is the one fate meant to be
The things that meant to blind you
Now enable you to see yeah
Oh once again, once again, the writing’s on the wall
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