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Magic Is... Songtext

[Written by Dan Fondelius, Fredrik Jansson, Jens Bock]

The magic is a foot, it is a hand
It controls the sea, the air and the land
Created by love cos you are grand
It's up to you to understand

The wind it started blowing
It is the wind of time
It screams and it whispers
Listen to me while still can

Long ago someone created the earth
Then left, and since then never heard
But the magic it has never ceased
It's inside you waiting to be released

A small part of your brain, you're using
What do you think the rest is for?
Use your heart and wake your senses
And terrible forces will come to your door

You can never remove all powers and tear down mountains
You can end starvation and heal the blind
Or change the universe direction
And the easy part, raise the dead

This is my message right on to you
No matter where you live or what you do
Leave this world and follow your heart
And we will never be apart
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Count Raven - Magic Is...
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