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Let Me See Your Face Lyrics


Cory Asbury - Let Me See Your Face Songtext

Simple men are simply drawn to simplicity
My simple mind has come to find that I'm drawn to infinity
Breaking the barriers and barricades only to see your face
My eyes have caught a glimpse and I just can't turn away
I'm drawn to the flame, drawn to the fire,
Drawn to the one whose eyes burn with desire
I've burned all my bridges, God, I've counted the cost
So shine your light until I'm blind to this world and its lies
So the windows of my soul are purified just like your bride:
Spotless and white, no blemish in sight
Offering my life as a holy sacrifice
I need you, Christ, to ascend that holy hill
So give me clean hands, a pure heart, the knowledge of your will
As the war rolls on and the battle rages here I take my stand
'Cause I know one day I'll stand before you in the holy land

Let me see your face, God
I'm crying out for you (I'm crying out, I'm crying out for you)
Open up my eyes to see your beauty, God
Whoa, whoa

I wanna see you in your splendor, behold you in your glory
Gaze upon the beauty that burns bright before me
There's not a god whose eyes flicker with flames of jealousy
Whose desire is towards me, never ignores me
I've been awakened to love and can't move my gaze
Though the floods roll my way and the waters, they rage
Your love cannot be quenched, hindered or encaged
You're the lion and the lamb, fully God, fully man
My eyes have been enlightened with these words that I've been told
You become what you behold, Holy Spirit, take control
When my flesh is weak, your face I'll seek until my heart is yours
Show me the hope of your calling, who I am in you, my Lord
Cover the earth with your glory like the waters to the seas
You've ravished my heart, it's only you I see
It's only in you that I'm free, come and liberate me
One thing I have desired and it's you alone I seek

Whoa, whoa whoa, whoa whoa, whoa

Blessed are the pure in heart that fight the good fight
Who leave it all behind to lay ahold of the prize
Eagerly awaiting the return of the Christ
We're longing for, we're waiting for the Spirit and the Bride to say "Come"
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