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She'll be my Lady Songtext

She'll be my Lady

Circle on the ground - this will be the night
When I gain the power, I will have the might
The magician brews a magical drink
I will break the lady's chastity belt
I will put on her a magical spell
She is all I want - she is my desire
I will drink that cup - I will make her mine
In the end I know - will be feeling fine

Full moon and the torches light
Celtic valley at midnight
Midnight full of mystery
Will come true my fantasy?

She'll be my lady, sweet lady, so young and so proud
I'm gonna own her, I own her, because she is bound
She will be under a secret, a magical spell
If I don't manage, in this case, I'm going to hell

Now the time has come - swallowing the wine
Nothing comes between - and she will be mine
I will have the power - I will be so strong
She cannot resist - and it won't be long
What a fucking drink - really burns like fire
What the hell is this - am I feeling high?
Oh, it makes me crazy - is it all in vain?
?Cause the bloody wine is driving me insane

High and higher up the sky
All these colours - will I die?
Am I blowing out my mind?
Oh, it really makes me blind

She'll be my lady...
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Cornamusa - She'll be my Lady
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