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Alone on the Beach Songtext

Look at the sky
You see the moon shining bright
I never thought that moonlight could be this bright
It even drops a shadow on the beath
It even drops a shadow on the beath

Look at the sea
You see the waves gone quiet
I never thought that the ocean could be this kind
It even washes off my feet in the sand
It even washes off my sandy feet

* Alone on the beach
I shall write you a letter, a letter
Alone on the beach
I'll put it in a bottle and throw it in the water
So it can float away to your place someday


The pine tree's thinking of the young man gone on the ship
She never thought that roots could be this inconvenient
So she drops a fruit on a wave
Maybe he will pick it up and smell her scent

* repeat twice

I want you right by my side
The sky may be cloudy
Time may part us
Distance may frighten us

That's why I want you right by my side and touch my hands
That's all I am asking for
Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Luna Schweiger: Autounfall
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Fiona Erdmann: Autounfall

Album 'Over the Time' Time Is Over (2003)

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Core of Soul - Alone on the Beach
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