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Queen of Memphis Songtext

I hitchhiked up to Memphis, a young boy in my prime
I thought that big old city would ease my Georgia mind
After just one hour, I met a Southern girl
She said they call me the Queen of Memphis
And then she took me around the world

I saw stars dancing on the water
I heard Elvis singing Blue Suede Shoes
That old muddy river was my witness
The night I fell in love with the queen of Memphis

I woke up the next morning a prisoner of her charms
She showed me things I'd never seen back there on that farm
She set my soul on fire, she completed all my dreams
A boy became a man that night in the arms of the Memphis Queen


Just like that old man river she keeps rolling through my mind
And you know I won't forget her 'cause she was one of a kind

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Confederate Railroad - Queen of Memphis
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