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Smokescreen Songtext

On the run like a bandit i'm on the loose
Now you eat the dust and you taste the
Puppy chow this ain't no standstill hold
Up captain crunch a desperado I take you
Out to lunch i'll gank your milk money
Honey it's a royal treatment no tracks out
Back in the wet cement a broke tooth
And a phone booth and a change of
Clothes ?cause everyone knows I get
Mean in the smoke screen half time going
On the crime scene operation down low
You call your hero but like sweetback i
Got no afro i'm coming dark creepin? in
Your alley watch your eyes as I make a
Quick getaway gonna trap me slingshot
Happy spider web window with a fatal
Anne-Marie: Auf der Bühne eingepinkelt
Vor 2 Tagen
Anne-Marie: Auf der Bühne eingepinkelt
Leigh-Anne veröffentlicht ihre neue Single 'Nature'
Vor 2 Stunden
Leigh-Anne veröffentlicht ihre neue Single 'Nature'

Album Mobile Estates (1999)

Citizen King
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Citizen King - Smokescreen
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