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Kiss Kiss Ft. T-Pain Lyrics

She want that laffy taffy
That kiss-kiss, kiss-kiss
In her mind she fantasize
Bout getting wit me
They hating on me
They wanna diss this, kiss kiss
Cause she mine and so fine
And thick as can be [x2]

[Verse 1]
I'm a country boy from Tappahanock
Va is where I reside so shawty understand it
And I know I just turn 18
And I get a little mannish
And you see this bandanna hanging
That means I'm like a bandit (li-like a bandit, bandage)

I got paper girl
The Lamborghini
With the spider seats
You never seen it
So get it shawty
We parking lot pimping in my dome
And I know what you want

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm the epitome of this demonstration
I got the remedy you feeling me
So why is you hating?
And my anatomy is bird like
Yeah you heard right
Girl I'm the king so that means I'm fly

If you wit it girl
Get it poppin
Roll wit me
Ain't no stopping
So get it shawty
We parking lot pimping in my dome
I know want you want

[Chorus x2]

Shawty let me holla at you
You so hot-hot-hot-hot
You think I'd be hollin
If you not-not-not-not
I'm king of the town
You can take a look around
Teddy Penderazzdown
Is the spot-spot-spot-spot
(Yeah) I got money on me
(Yeah) Baby girl no problem
(Yeah) You rolling shawty?
(Yeah) Lets hit McDonald's
It's T.P. and C.B.
I'm the nappy boy---ooh weee!

[Chorus x2]
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