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Got a one room apartment
To a little tiny space
Isn't much,but keeps the rain drops off
My pretty babys face
I'm just gettin by
And the moneys spent
Don't even know how I'm gonna pay the
Monthly rent
But I know exactly what I wanna do
I wanna make this work with you
I know your wandering what I mean
Nothing in life is guaranteed
I never know just were I'm going lady
I need direction in my life

No guarantee
No guarantee
Whil I was out window gazin
I put your coat on layaway
You know I wanna buy you diamonds
Soon as they increase my pay
Startin from down
It's hard to kept your head
Makin love every night
On a squeaky bed
That's right that the way it is
There's no guarantee

Then anything you wanna do baby
Yuo know I'll be down for you lady
So let's just keep it strong


Keep it strong
We gotta keep pushin on
Keep it strong
We gotta keep pushin on
And on
Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
Vor 14 Stunden
Frederick Waite Jr. verstorben
GNTM: Lieselotte bekommt Dating-Show
Vor 2 Tagen
GNTM: Lieselotte bekommt Dating-Show

Album Long Time No See (1997)

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Chico debarge - No Guarantee
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