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Problem melden

Who?s cryin? now Songtext

Giving you all that I had to give
Thinking of you, whatever I did
Your love was all I longed for
Now I can see it was all just a game
Sayin? I'm sorry won't change anything
?Cause baby I can't live like this

Who's cryin? now
And after all this time
Who's sorry now
Just when you realize it's over

Turning away from the sound of my tears
You only heard what you wanted to hear
You never tried to listen
Up until now I guess I didn't see
All of the ways that you mistreated me
Now you'll know just how I feel


I know as time goes, it heals a broken heart and people carry on
I pray, someday I'll find the love that I've been searchin? for so long
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Cheryl Cormier - Who?s cryin? now
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