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Codeine, Glue and You Songtext

My fire's burning low
As my song grinds out on the radio,
I just want to move you slow and low
And shoot my eight ball in your corner pocket hole.

"life's a gas" or so it seems
You know i blow a fuse when you come in my dreams,
I've got this fear no kiss can cover
I know we need no help to hurt each other.

If 6 were 9 i'd lose my mind
I go crazy for you all of the time
Please little motor-head don't you whine
There'll be some peace at the end of the line.

If six were nine
If six were nine,
Demolition delicious devil-licious don't listen don't live sick devil lives sick devil loves sick devil loves sex devil loves it don't you love it don't lip synch devil lovin' don't lock it unlock it unlucky don't love sex don't hate sex don't you hate sex don't hate sex
Don't hate sex you don't hate sex don't hate sex-
Like a shot of speedway methadrine
Coming on like a hot-head machine
She's my only teenage dream-
If you know what I mean.
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Lena Meyer-Landrut: Kein Bock mehr auf Social Media
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Pietro Lombardi äußert sich zur Trennung

Album Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar (1993)

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Chemlab - Codeine, Glue and You
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