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Homicide Ride Songtext

If Hip-Hop was a bid, kid I'd be a lifer
No jokin', bloodshot eyes in the cipher
My third eye's always scopin'
To leave a head wide the fuck open
Like a sniper armed with ballistics, sub-control thoughts
Simplistic flows, cerebral assaults
Weak MCs get me pissed like a urinal
One slept, stepped straight into his funeral
Put this flat-line fake rhyme
Too disgracing with my mind
Point blank up to his face
Gotta start tracing into a
New round, a journey to the other side
With me at the helm, he couldn't burn me
The results of the autopsy
Caught by verbal lead he couldn't lyrically stop me
Tight flows made MCs schizo, phrenic
Your * cisco's? * caught in this rap epidemic
Cause I wet it, sucka MCs will regret it
You're ready for the homicide through your mind
You gonna die, you gonna die, gonna die
Time to kick the lyrical analysis
I'm tappin' on your spinal cord until I reach paralysis
Now just sit still, this won't hurt a * taste? *
Fuck the physical I lay your mind to waste
Rhyme like an anaesthetic breathe deep into your nose
Feel the pleasure move, now watch your eyes start to close
Intellect injected on the track like a vein
Trailin' up the arteries I'm comin' for your brain
Skull division, the incision rips the cerebellum
Brain membrane starts to burst cause I swell 'em
I make your skill come back from the gravel I unravel
As words, penetrate fucking up your mental state
More anaesthesia, your body catches amnesia
Lost control of how to eat, shit, piss and breathe
Ah his heart beat quickens, seconds keep tickin'
Time eternally I keep that asshole shittin' from the words
Projected out in cryptic it's the mystic
Was it really suicide, insanity was inflicted
I'm on a homicide ride through your mind
I focus on your eye's eruption, they shatter
And pieces scatter on the pavement
Insane bloody thoughts gush from your conscience
As I launch this attack through your eye cracks
*? This verb will enter? *
My structure turns to a blood cell yeah
Other cells ignite to make your diaphragm yell
Speaking in tongues like a demon, while I'm schemin'
How to turn this homicide of your mind to a suicide
It's do or die, I'm a goner
Got me trapped into a corner of your mind
Bending like vision, multiplying
Now I'm a hundred deep in your head
And your brain cells are crying
Blood pressure's rising, from confusion
It's your mind you're losing, now
I hold your thoughts hostage, with my intrusion
Jumped off your instincts, then go make a purchase
I convinced yourself to take his life, it's worthless
Ropes, chains, anti-freeze and the forty four
Flex still I relax there's ain't no pressure, no more
Wait, who's that, a second thought try to catch wreck
He didn't know I had all your reflexes by the neck
Jessica Haller stellt ein Ende ihrer Verwendung von Fake-Lippen in Szene
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Jessica Haller stellt ein Ende ihrer Verwendung von Fake-Lippen in Szene
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Kylie Minogue gibt Veröffentlichung einer neuen Single bekannt

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