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All I've Done For You Songtext

Who was there when you were down?
To pick you up of the ground?
Who was there when the world attacked?
And helped you to fight it back?
But now that you've got the one thing you need
You forgot how much I helped you
Now that you've found a love that's true
You forgot everything
After all I've done for you
Do you remember when you said "I care"
And when you said "I'll be there"
How about when you said "we'll help each other"
"We'll heal our broken hearts together"
(repeat chours X2)
I told him everyday
How you felt. (I told him)
And I told him that you cared.
He said he also cared
But, he wasn't yet ready.
So, you see
I was a good friend.
But, now when I need your help
You turn your back on me. (why?)
Some friend huh?
(ad lib fade)
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