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Book Of Malediction Songtext

"Lacrimosa dies illa, qua
Resurget ex favilla
Iudicandus homo reus : huic erro
Parce deus!
Pie Jesu domine, dona eis
"Haeresis est maxima, opera
Maleficarum non credere"
Pestilential witchhunt,
Shedding of blood,
Denunciators and Hell-cats
Inundated Europe,
Maleficence, Malfeasance were rised
By inquisitors,
Malleus Maleficarum unleashed the
Two ranting Black friars, who
Possessed by demon's faith,
Were the unchristian liars and
Diseased of religious hate
Maledictory Book stirred the
This Bestseller of Infamy was the
Sword of decease
The pardon was in pool of
Merciless writers of The
Shameful Book,
(Two perfervid monks) Sprenger and
Gremper (Institor)
Were the Masters Of Impertinence
And Dishonesty,
Their abhorrent book was juristic and
Theological dunghill,
Piles of faggots because of
Sorcery were started
By Malleus Maleficarum
"Haeresis est maxima, opera
Maleficarum non credere"
Pestiferous witchhunt, torrents
Of blood,
Denunciators and Hell-hounds
Intimidated Europe,
Maleficence, Malfeasance were rised
By inquisitors,
Malleus Maleficarum dismembered
The freedom
The witchcraft trials commenced by
Loathsome book,
Evil Vultures (who blemished from
By frightful book
At the period of Holy
Witches were mutilated,
In the dungeon, on the rack
They suffered
Hellish tortures from the
Triers :
The Grey Friars and Black Friars
(Domini canes)
In the gory chamber of torture
Hexes were mangled
From the Triers : the Grey Friars
And Black Friars,
From the unquenched inquisitors
(covered with blood)
At the splendid nights, when the
Bonfires burnt,
Tormented witches died by Curse Of
The Church
Bloody pages of Malleus
Were directions of
Witchcraft trials
Lying pages of the book of
Were weapons of Impiety and
...In 1487 two german fanatic Black
Friars (and inquisitors),
Jacob Sprenger and Heinrich
Institor (Gremper)
Were creators of the Book Of
Malediction and Malignancy :
Malleus Maleficarum...
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Castrum - Book Of Malediction
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