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Problem melden

Character Charisma Songtext

That's when a man meets a woman
As Chemistry without the instructions
Two souls consumate inwardly
Masses will lay dead
In an Apocalpitic world
Afraid of true feelings,
Doomed to become extinct
Like the masses brought on before us
(Only stupidity shall be our demise)
Shall we try to search for an answer to the bounding questions
Of our age
If only the Government expelled some more funds,
We could stop this rage
Instead they give to other countries
Just to impress
And use blantant cut backs for the Homeward catasphophies
They should address
The Military Spawns on a foreign lawn
While people in the city, sleep on the corner
Or drink down their liqour, while unzipping their fly
So another baby can be born, and will be destined to die
Dying of starvation, or a drop on the head
In the Land of the free, and the home of the dead
Another raining friday night
Little Wesley waits at home for his dad
Who is late because he lost another job
Michael greets his son at the broken door
Gives his son a belt across the face....
Simply, because he's too damn drunk too love the boy
Goes in, and rapes in wife
Three bullets in the chamber
Takes all there lives
In the richest of lands
Crime and Chaos trickle down from the meltng pot
Politicians couldn't care until their terms are almost up
Then with a wink and a false smile
You're special and important, with all the meaningful words you
In the land of the free, and the home of the dead
Fragen über Carentin
Was bewirkt Carmenthin?
Was wirkt schnell Entblähend?
Wie schnell wirkt Carmenthin?
Wie wirkt Carmenthin schmerzlindernd?
Carentin - Character Charisma
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