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I Can't Believe It Songtext

Here we go. yo. whassup?
I got a story to tell, yaknahmsayin?
Yo, it's talkin about this family. yaknahmsayin?
They kinda caught up, but yo
I want y'all to check it out as I kick a lil somethin like this

Yo once upon a time lived a family of all black
They used to live middle class, yo happy and all that
But then, until when like yo who would believe
Yo that pops was the hooker, moms was the crackfiend
With no 9's to 5's to survive in the real world
And as for the little girl, and cousin named James Earl
They had to make ends meet, startin from scratch B
While pops hold the cash, moms is gettin smashed in the den
And I be sittin thinkin yo like when
This madness would like stop, this crazy shit would end
So yo I'd spend (what) many many moons in my room
Look just chillin by myself and no one else cause I was like shook
By this rotten scandalous, low-life dirty work
Then moms and pops they gazed thinkin shit I was really hurt
So what shall I do?
With this major problem, cause I don't have a clue

Damn, I can't believe it
Uhh, and ya don't stop, I can't believe it
Yo - I can't believe it!
Yo, I can't believe it

Cause I remember when my parents used to stress that fact
That if you smoke crack that it be hard for you to comeback
To your normal self but now she's messin up her health, y'know
Pawnin jewels and things and sellin sweaters off her shelf
Now hold up a second see, wait just a minute
Now don't say that this smokin crack shit's a epidemic
But now I guess it is cause my moms is caught up in it
But if I seek for help, do you think she'd be like widdit?
Nah hell naw, cause she be on missions for crumbs like bums
Moms is now strung, so now we stay up in the slums
Uptown, while pops is turnin tricks like a clown
And deep inside my heart I wish my parents like slow down
You know, and give it all a rest
Cause everyday I think about it yo it has me stressed
Every whichaway but still I maintains my studies
A shadow is my buddy cause my parents don't hug me

Damn, I can't believe it
And ya don't stop, I can't believe it
I can't believe it
Aiyyo, I can't believe it


Now here we go
Now what's the matter pops, gettin sweated by the cops
For standin on the corner, you're bound to be a goner
Yo one of these days, but still you needs to clock your dough
Even if that means desertin your family to be a giga-hoe
But yo, I'm tryin to get this shit
Yo why there's no food on the table, and yo, who's payin the rent?
While James Earl was thievin on the banks
With homemade shanks, tryin to scuffle up his rank
But I can't, go out that way, so yo I pray like everynight
To God that he let my cousin see the light, right
But still, they all needs to chill
And all come correct, and maintain some self-respect
And not neglect, the one who loves them dearly
With all of my heart (no lie) no lie, sincerely
But one day soon I hope my family'll wake up
And like smell the coffee brewin, brewin
Before their lives is ruined

Uhh, yo, I can't believe it
I just can't y'know, I can't believe it
Uhh, I can't believe it

Now as for myself it's kinda hard to not give a heck
About my parents and cousin who's really bein ignorant
As I strive to be all I can be and more see
A senior in high school, and man it ain't easy
With problems at the crib, plus teachers be expectin
Me to do well, in these times that are hectic
But I needs to focus on my family first
On gettin us back together, cause the shit is gettin worse
And worse, it's really terrible
Way out of hand, and damn I don't understand
Why is all of this here, happenin Samantha
I always asked myself, but never had an answer
I wonder - one day, would things ever get better
With me my moms and pops and my cousin back together
Some say never but when I sleep I'm always dreamin
It's really scary to say cause damn man, y'know,
I can't believe it
Yo check it, I can't believe it
I just can't, I just can't, aiyyo, I can't believe it
Word up, I can't believe it
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