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Time Is Ticking Away Songtext

Ahaha - keeping on. keeping on - keep your head on
Time is ticking - ticking - Time is ticking, ticking away
Uh ah hey

Let's talk about time - ticking away - every day
So wake on up - 'fore it's gone away
Get to power, when you stay up like the sun
Remind to stop - then what's done is done
So let ya totay stay with ya back on
Keep your body and soul and your mind going
The right track - in fact - you gotta stay on till real black
Don't turn around and don't look back
We're trying to take the poverty into another level
Red dog, did you pee ? Mr. Pee got me shevel
A level witha ya -I played in a frown pidgin
But now I got my men - a cellblock like once did you
I used to be a pee, trying to clock jee
Even while bless you before you bless me
That's the lifestyle
And I can see it on the evening news
It's just another novel shove
And we've been streched during time

Time is ticking away
You gotta live your life - day by day
Happy or sad, good or bad
Life is too short you gotta keep your head 2x

Keep your head - one more time and feel the rythm
I'm telling you, life is too short, you know the feeling
You wanna do mere - your selfesteem is in your way
You better take you can - and live it day by day
But anyway - I'm going for a mile, I'm still focused
No joke - they still got me hanging from the rope
Take time - and still do the right thing
And not the wrong - so listen to the words of the song
Tic toc - a second's away from judgment day
So get your mind ready - get the evils out your way
Bring back - we got no slap - we get fat
There was a message on this track - it's exact
The way we're feeling - in the ninetynineties
Chilling away - in the mix you'll find me
Rewind me - and turn back my mind
Think about the homies in the pit, going time


Once again - CBK on the track
To make up your mind
Who knows what tomorrow might bring
Violence, destruction - who knows
'cause the time is slipping away

The world keeps spinning around and round
We gotta keep ourselves up, going down
A world full of passion, pleasure and pain
The pressures getting to my brain

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C-Block - Time Is Ticking Away
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