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My Way Songtext

Let me enhance your mind with a
Brand-new design
Rap's attacks tracks with the drums
And bass lines
Can't define why my rhyme inter-
Twines with heavy guitar strikes
That bust out street lights
My flight starts from dusk to dawn
Can't label what I'm doin', no lines were
My mind's on a whole new level of change
Some consider it a blessing, some say that
It's strange
Rearranged when I'm doin' and it just ain't fly
Can't be God no matter how hard you try
Like Dr. Maya Angelou when I rise
I'm bound to gain credit like the Nobel Peace Prize
No lies, those who chose to stay froze
Are trapped in this madcap world to make bankrolls
So, I'm gonna let my flow set the trend
And fall deep within and let it begin
Doin' it my way
Grab your tape deck 'cause I'm not ready to break yet
Musical birth is worth more than a paycheck
From night to day set getting my pace set
To run rhymes over the track like a race set
Fuel injection to rock every section
Buckshot Lefongue is like a French connection
My reflection on this track is affection
For those who love music with no exeption
This selection is the right direction
A top choice collection of sound perfection
Full protection over my complexion
But this conception like a music erection
Flexin' a political correction
Buckshot for President the next election
Parlay I don't really care what the critics say
This session I'm doin' it my way
No questions
My way has not been easy
A warrior born some 2,000 seasons yon
My way has led me in all directions
To all fronts in space and time
My way is infinite and elusive
Now if you'll excuse me
I must be on my way
Last but not least
I'm spitting the 3rd verse like venom
I can in them
To make it though like denim
Ready to bend 'em
Go to the top then pin 'em
Break them apart
Then start from the beginnin'
Made for winnin'
It's time to start spinnin'
So I can be a musical Don like John Lennon
So let's send 'em
And let the world know what's phat
Can't rent 'em, the critics ain't going for that
Doin' it my way
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Buckshot LeFonque - My Way
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