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Dang! Songtext

Do you remember the old ways of rockin' it?
Layin' the law down and microphone talkin'-it.
Tellin' it. Spellin' it out in block capitals.
Cardboard boxin' and rap battlin'...


Border towns burning. Churches with the roof off.
Searching for purchases, we play fight and goof off.
Streets ain't safe. Television talking trash.
Travelling. Horseback. Collecting scars. Clocking cash.
Pocket changes. Rocket ranges. Seeking the heat.
Straight muscling. Hustling. Freaking the beat.
Sharks circling. Working. Bees buzzing like cel phones.
Hell no's and yes-y'allin'. Assholes and elbows.
Customized hot rod. Fire you should face.
Funny papers? Ha! Money can't buy you good taste.
Heads popping off. You're an orgasm addict.
Cock buzzing. Suppertime - you're having haddock.
White rice and vegetables. Wild style illegible.
People skills dubious. Memory incredible.
Lemons and rusty cages. Dusty pages turning over.
Calling shots. Color commentary. Earning clover.
Ten fold. Leaving women wondering, men fooled.
Struggling. Sick in the head like Glenn Gould...


Boycott! Don't believe the hype. Shoot the umpire.
Up in the air, shots rang out like gunfire.
Gainsbourg. You need Lou Reed and Beefheart.
Push the button, burn the house down and re-start.
Drum sends messages. Touched by a golden finger.
Midas beside us. Head stuck up the colon-sphincter.
6 million ways. Household made of glass.
Edge. I'll look you dead in the face and say, "degoulasse".
Faceless. The odors are colorless and tasteless.
Silly goose, too stupid to realize you're racist.
Motorcycle chain and disdain for the money-clippers.
Strippers taking time off, wearing fuzzy bunny slippers.
Las Vegas war zone. Idiots and sundry dummies.
Stumbling. The rumbling of hungry tummies.
Zig-zagging. Criss-crossing. Hell's down and heaven's up.
Animal noises. The sounds of engines revving up like...

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Neil Young weist Ticketmaster und Schwarzmarkthändler für Livemusik als Grund für Wertverlust aus
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Michael Schulte gibt Party-Nächte auf

Album Situation (2007)

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Buck 65 - Dang!
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