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My Sweet Rosalie Songtext

Lyrics & Music: Tony Hiller, Lee Sheriden and Martin Lee

It was late; I didn't have a special date.
I was sitting on a park bench by the lake.
I heard a cry and very much to my surprise
Someone kissed me made me open up my eyes.

I turned around to solve this mystery
And who d'ya think was sittin' next to me?

My sweet Rosalie, though she always plays around,
She never brings me down, my sweet Rosie.

Sweet Rosalie, she is always bull of fun
I'm the only one for my Rosie, my sweet Rosie.

We startet home, it was almost time for tea.
It's been a good day for me and Rosalie.

It's fun together 'cos we're such a perfect pair
And when I want her I know she's always there.

She's ev'rything a guy could ever need,
I love her, oh I love her yes indeed.

My sweet Rosalie, ...

She's the only one for me,
The cutest little puppy dog you'll see.

(c) 1976 by Tony Hiller Music/ATV-Music Ltd., London W 1
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Brotherhood Of Man - My Sweet Rosalie
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