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I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand Songtext

Aight shorty, dim the lights
I need to concentrate
Just gon' practice my breathing
{*deep breaths*}

[Verse One]
Hey girl, huh, I miss you a lot
Walkin through the streets and passin some of our favorite spots
It brings, tears to my eyes
Like soul food Sundays, and hot peach cobbler pies
I remember those lovely days
The ancient days, when I, used to say
"Girl it takes too long to get from the North to the Southside"
Deep down, I didn't really mind, the long ride
Even though I tried to keep my composure
Knowin that I owed ya hella loot
And no such funds just to even go dutch
The pressure on my manhood was way too much
Therefore I didn't know how to act
Tryin to be a man while ridin on your back
I was embarassed everytime your girlfriends bought you fine items
I just wanted to be like them
Cause I knew you deserved it, and was definitely worth it
And your love, I wasn't tryin to purchase it
Just to, show appreciation
By then, you was on a different station

[Chorus - singing]
Reasons so deep for us to understand
I come, to hold, your hand

[Verse Two]
One reason I was workin so hard, on my music
I wasn't tryin to lose it
I just wanted to stand on my own two feet
And have independence complete
Some of the things you wanted, I just couldn't see
But our whole relationship was consumed in anger
Danger of the feeling stranger, cause I was feeling
All this depression, and you was feeling
Crazy aggressions from the abuse of your old man
For reasons so deep it caused us not to understand
Each other, although we tried
And, both of us lied
We wanted to succeed
Only to be self-defeated by a mechanism that was deep seated
Into the base of our psyche
Hopin that there might be a way to release the pain
That's set into our migraines, so deep

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Brother El - I Just Wanna Hold Your Hand
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