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[Intro: - Brother Ali - talking]
Ah, what's up man? (What up Ali?)
Ah, you still standing on this motherfuckin corner?
Shit ain't you 30 years old, motherfucker?

[Verse 1: - Brother Ali]
Ah, so when I pick up the microphone I know what I'm sayin
Wasn't long ago was facin the same situation
Carpet got ripped from me pacin
The rent's a month late, ain't shit on the way, I'm straight prayin
Ends don't meet unless you make 'em
The people don't eat unless you scrape and you see they ain't playin
Corner store credit is way thin
The World got it's way of weighin on your shoulders, it's degradin
It's like we got frowns tattooed on our faces
The school's ain't savin our new generation
Stare at our kids, they need a paradigm shift
The paradox is that parents aren't shit
Why you got cable? Your life is not stable
Lights not paid for, Nikes on layaway though
It's like we wanna look good while we drownin
Should grab a paddle and scrap our way out

[Chorus: - Brother Ali - 2X]
Life's not a game when you livin it like this
Leave your lane for a minute, you might flip
It's like chains on your neck with a tight grip
Use your brain in this shit and you might live

[Verse 2: - Brother Ali]
While you in the drug game, my hustle got another name
You dyin, makin somebody rich, it's the fuckin same
So quick to call a square job Brother lame
Truth be told, you might wanna choose another lane
Yeah I'm bussin 'til my bitch ass drop
You on the corner, pushin them bitch ass rocks
And yes I'm gettin sweated by my bitch ass boss
Your ass steady runnin from them bitch ass cops
This shit don't stop, the game ain't new
The pen's full of dudes who thought the same shit too
And TV is a blind fold, here to keep your eyes closed
Sell your crack and it's all dough and fly clothes
Shit ain't nothin like "The Sopranos"
Real talk, you're probably better off at McDonald's
Rappers all say they went from hustlin to rhymin
But look, everybody say the other one's a liar


[Break - Man - talking]
Man, fuck you Brother Ali
You always runnin your mouth
Just 'cause you got that rap shit cool
Man we on these streets motherfucker
Get out here and see how it is

[Verse 3: - Brother Ali]
It don't matter about me rappin, my ass is still scratchin
Some day, I'm a be the "yo, remember back when?"
While I'm hear I got to really make it happen
Try to have emergency landing, instead of crashin
Fuck sayin I've been here, brother I am here
Might not live here this year but I still care
Not talkin down to you, straight to you
No player hater my dude, it's plain true
Gotta live like don't nobody love you but you
As long as your blood move, tragedy could touch you
Struggle ain't nothin new, cards ain't gonna always land how you want
'em too
Fuck it though, thug it through
Can't give up, as much as you'd love to
There's certain shit as a man we must do
You God damn right they made it like this
But I ain't tryin to wait for the day they might fix

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