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Bonafied Funk Songtext

Main Source forever, crews got to get more clever
Whatever, just have your shit together
Cause it's '91, which means not a thing
Cause for centuries we'll make crews sing
No matter what record label, we stay stable
Pick up the album, we're never on cable
Crews cross over, but not Main Source
I use Simon's guitar strings to floss
Brand New Heavies play the shit that people
Used to listen to in '70 Chevies
So we don't have to loop up a beat to fuck your crew up
Just bring the band, by the way we got Jan
On the drums, Andrew plucks the bass with his thumbs
And Simon, like I mentioned before, just strums
The guitar strings for all my siblings
Just follow when everyone sings
Brand New Heavies (Brand New Heavies)
And Main Source (Main Source) [x4]
Ayo, wait a minute
We got the Heavies in the crib putting the funk back in it
And if you know the Main Source, then you know my man K-Cut
And him and Simon is going to show you what's up
I can't forget the other man on the scratches
Sir Scrathes, like his hands are two hachets
While Andrew plucks on the bass
I'm gonna let my man Sir Scratch drop taste
(Sir Scratch gets busy)
Ayo, now everybody sing
Brand New Heavies (Brand New Heavies)
And Main Source (Main Source) [x4]
Just an example of how rappers don't have to sample
To keep the funk beat on the street
Slide to the side when the Source and the Heavies collide
Bonafied Funk for ya hide
To wiggle, making beatheads uncivil
Turntables swivel as the rap crews shrivel
Away, like a fiend with tooth decay
Peace is not the word to play, hey
Brand New Heavies (Brand New Heavies)
And Main Source (Main Source) [x4]
One time it's the...
One time for your mind, one time for your mind
The Large Professor in the house, Main Source forever y'all, be cool
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Album Heavy Rhyme Experience, Volume 1 (1992)

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Brand New Heavies - Bonafied Funk
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