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Love Bravely, Elizabeth Songtext

There are some who will tell you that love is the province of fools,
There are some who will tell you that love makes you break all the rules.
Well, I guess that's all a little bit true, but the thing I need to say to you,
Time makes a diamond, and love makes us heaven's jewels.

So love bravely, Elizabeth. Love when you're crying inside.
Hold on to your wishes, but love with your eyes open wide.
Love like your mama loved me, like I loved her when I learned to see
That the love that remains as we change is our surest guide.

Now, I don't mean to tell you to love with no love in return.
There are times for goodbyes, even times when some bridges should burn.
There are times when you do what you must, but there'll always be a heart you can trust,
And it's beating inside you, to guide as you live and learn.

You get to choose how to use any gift you've been given.
No one can steal any feeling you feel while you're living.

There are people who search all their lives for a love that is true,
But I hope that you learn that the source of love's truth lies in you.
Even when you have to walk alone, as a child becomes a woman grown,
Love will enfold you, and hold you, and see you through.

So love bravely, Elizabeth, love with a laugh and a song.
Love is your right when the world all around you seems wrong.
It's the hardest thing you'll ever do, but it will be what makes you you:
A loving young woman, so beautiful, kind, and strong.
So love bravely.
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Bob Franke - Love Bravely, Elizabeth
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