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Oh Is for Oxygen Songtext

Hey dude, I got some new shit
Yah man, let me hear your best shit

Sure, I prefer to work content instead of working
In between things I was lurking with the Earthlings
Legos I was building as a little kid
A little bit on further I was commiting cold-blooded murder?
No, a half that be no, fools steppin' yah
Fools steppin' to open notebooks, open styles, let's look? (Coooo)
I'm the kid that didn't try to show shit
If I fly, i'll be the flyest shall be
No human trysts reality
I don't blow shit out of proportion
I don't float this side of the border (do what you do)
I contort language it's a strange assortment (now what good is that)
What good are you? What good are we?
My friends spend the day perved like a never-ending party
And my art is not regarded as legitimate by critic bitches
So I show my seats that flows to bros.
No person in the world could tell me shit about this
I'd have to be shroomin', danked, perved, and also docin' to even doubt this
And allow a miss by a disconcerning person
As those funds kick in (hey, i'm your friend)
Sure, aren't you all my friends, there's no cash left
Waitin' for me to crash, don't hold your motherfuckin' breath

As I let my oxygen out now (now)
I guess I better speak out now (now)
All the buddies at The Beat go wow (wow)
But I bet you don't breathe out now (now) (x2)

Don't hold that air crevace skin epidermis known as cheeks
Cuz they would shade of purple and you'd pass out
Waitin' for the beat in a circular cyphe, to quit rapping
Cuz I outlast these idiots (why?)
I'm last at working perfectly
These perps are purposely popping pupils at me
Playing Christmas tritches wrong
Emcees have got these bitches switched up
And more inflicting reaching for who knows what anger Tibet
Soon you'll need an air tent
My friend upped me on the fact on pre-stress and be stress
And happiness is weakness
So pity's a defeatist's attitude
Dude, i'm a hypocrite
Cuz i'm just waiting and waiting and waiting (Who did that)
I guess I must alter my frequency from lazy up to active
Plus all my raps so I can bust a crushed groove and blow this
Take nice slow breaths, corroding lesson focus
And chill with my disc jock Otis


Keep breathin', don't stop breathin', keep keep breathin'
Oxygen'll keep your brain alive so stay alive
And keep breathin'

"We must stop them before they destroy your world"

(Scratches 'til fade)
"Goin' outside to get some air
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Boac - Oh Is for Oxygen
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