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Stay (with Me) Lyrics


Blutengel - Stay (with Me) Songtext

In just seconds you turn around
You walk away and set my world on fire
Let me be the one for you
Don't leave me this way
Give me a chance to understand
Don't go away now

These feelings deep inside are fading away,
like a ray of light
Memories inside my heart,
like shadows in a nightmare
Eternity is waiting for me
and I'm standing in the front of the abyss
Just one step until the end of my life

Stay with me, don't break my heart
Don't let this be the end
Stay with me, don't tear us apart
and I will hold your hand

Now you see the night is gone
A new day dawns, I'm still strong
The years have passed and we are standing here
These hearts so full of hate and full of fear
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