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Hey Boy Songtext
von Blog27

Who's the bum cuzzin'
Along in your hifi?
Stackin'd hits wid songs
We'd swingflies?
Blog 27's the bomb and you know why
None of this ill can be wrong
And the beat's high

Bounce with me

Chorus [2 x]:
Hey Boy,get your ass up,move,boy
We put the clock on you,boy
You can't miss,my friend
You get knocked down,get up again

Yeah you can groove to the funk
When we're in sight
We got 'nuff soul
To go round hit the dance light
We can do it funkety-funk and it's all night
Yeah baby the funkety-funk and it's alright

Oh my god


All we came to do
Is raise hell and just have fun
Coz we are Blog 27 and we are number one
You better raise the base
Put the treble on plus one
Put your name on the guest list
If you really want some


We got a lot of problems
But we're here to discuss one
A party without 27, a party without fun
Get ready for the chorus
Coz I'm just about done
Get ready for the du, the du, come on the du, the du, the du, du du du du

Tight - you hurt me


B.L.O.G [why?]
The girls are here and we'd swingflies [4x]
Charlotte Würdig: Ist sie vergeben?
Vor 2 Tagen
Charlotte Würdig: Ist sie vergeben?
Beatrice Egli wurde gemobbt
Vor 2 Tagen
Beatrice Egli wurde gemobbt
Blog27 - Hey Boy
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