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Problem melden

Long Winded Songtext

To set shit off
My crew taps a 40
3 crazy niggas leave the murder scene gory
End of story
It's the Fiss watch me wreck ya
I'll inject ya
With the funk that you're listening
Like gymnasts off the high dive board, I be flipping
Bacardi sipping
Deluxe suites at the Ramada
I want my piece of the pie, the whole enchilada
That's why I gotta
Put these cannons to your back
I'm taking Gucci links down to your girl's bra strap
You wanna see the secret formula but ain't no peeking
Cause my rhymes be slamming like shorties on the weekend
You think I'm Rip Van Winkeling but I see ya
You're just an asshole trying to creep on the creeper
[?] and sleepers
Remove that ass off the map
I'm sick like chicks who still bone with the claps
But none of that
Beedie free on the mic
Hitting hard like drunk drivers on the turnpike
To mental scholars
I'm leaving medullas dented
Schooling children
Arithmetic coming [?]
Like lines of longitude before you fags meet your ending

"Long winded but I don't need my respiratory
To bless my story you got nothing for me" - Blahzay Blahzay 'Danger'

To niggas with a 12" or album
Through verbal intercourse give mind an orgasm
Sir or ma'dam
Can't ignore me just adore me
Cause once I'm hired you might get fired lacking timing
Fed me
I gets deadly and creep silent
Stay with the leaf
Uh huh and the choco bliss
Clear your sinus with the finest Primatene Mist
Acknowledge this
On vinyl bring apocalypse
Dig ya grave like an anthropologist
You'll only find in my rehearsals
Swollen heads full of hot air, heads will burst a verse you
Get battered and assaulted
Making rappers wish they moms had they ass aborted
You sound good on tape, but live your vocals sound distorted
My unproper gram' is used to gain glamour
No propagandas
Hide my niggas ankle hammers

Those who oppose
Assholes get lit like jack o lanterns
Get burned by mental thought patterns
And that's a warning
To any crew fulfilling legacies
Coming in my zones is a tight squeeze like two full pregnancies
From here to Venus
You fags can't see me with a Zenith
Shaking sets, stomping through like a behemoth
Niggas showing
In this battle they tip toeing
You'll find me floating
Dropping weight like a Samoan
Talking loud like you earn stripes we never heard of ya
We'll murder ya
Watch your crew fold like lawn furniture
Express the gift
Stimulated from the spliff
Move your town like when the continental plates shift
Vocab professor
Wack MC agressor
Got you open
Like the drawers on your dresser
Busting shots
Trying to hold down your block
That's when I release the 3000
Ya sleep of the warlock

Oh my God oh my gollie
Guess who's rocking Poly-
Gram, goddamn we taking off like twin cam
Scram, mess with fam and I'll trample ya
Ya mom's got to Pamper ya
Then you get robbed for your sampler
Disc, cause I be brisk like Octob'
Shock the globe
Ya Glock explode cause you was nervous
Not purpose, lay the verdict be
Try to bury me
You be, done something terribly
We can war in the streets or in the mezzane'
The best will fall, like my name was Desiree
Boss you get squashed oh my gosh
Thinking every line ain't divine
You out your rabbit ass mind
Plus, I never rush the lead single with the plan
Screaming on chickens for using my beeper as a scam
I plan my vocal making rappers antisocial in a hurry
So all that tongue twisting don't make me worried
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
Vor 16 Stunden
Boris Becker: Neue Zelle, neues Glück
GNTM: Lieselotte im Halbfinale ist „unfair“
Vor 2 Tagen
GNTM: Lieselotte im Halbfinale ist „unfair“

Album Blah Blah Blah (1996)

Blahzay Blahzay
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    Sendin' Dem Back
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    Long Winded
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Blahzay Blahzay - Long Winded
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