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Problem melden

Boomerang Songtext

Yo politicians, the creators of the edad world
Pushing laws without pause, kickin'wrong words
Said germans fuck like this, nah
Germans fuck like that, Isai germans never fuck,
They put their brain in
Jimmy Hats, this is a outland jam,
German members gettin'fresher,
Skinheat gangsters real beats
My brother under pressure
See no cop, police nut, nothing the fuck

People 'round the situation get high that's what we got
My man Helmut, fat mutherfucking ass
Black, red, gold, your flag of dirty cash
So let's burn money
Da moment is real, so let's burn money

You know I'm sain',bang
Hit it my friend, friends will be friends
Bullshit boomerang
I've got your number
Boom, boom, boomerang, bullshit boomerang

A foreigner is strange, but not a stranger
Da goverment treats him like a national danger
Than they're sad about it
And they feel mad about it
Da violent lynch mob fuckers
Yes, they're glad about it

Yo! discussion is done solution is none
You against your brother, politicans for fun
So let your soul burn, pop, pop, pop up and under
Whenever you are, ya know
I've got your number thunder

You know I'm sain',bang...

So what, what's up
What you've turnin'wreck, step da fuck back
See after 40 years of german past
There's still brown attack
Hitler is dead and that's the fact
But this crime is your master
You're like this crew of terror, no doubt
You kill us faster, disaster brother
Disaster play, you follow the leader
And do the masterplay, so let's burn, yes
But first of all, free your soul
The time is come for revolution
To roll, roll, rollin'attack
Situation gets smacked
Same mistake in ya mind, gets wise
But kick it back y'all

You know I'm sain',bang....
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Album Masafagga (1995)

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