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Love Birds Songtext

Yesterday I saw two love birds on a limb.
They were way out on a limb.
The sky was gray,
It didnt seem to worry her,
Didnt worry him.
Such an awsome sight to see,
Just how fearless love could be.
Two love birds, way out on a limb,
Way out on a limb
He lay down his life for her,
She'd do anything for him
Two love birds--
I watch the sun go down
And the night forgive the day,
If we could be that way.
Thats my prayer for you and me to live so gracefully.
Way out on a limb.
Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
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Lena Gercke: Seltener Familieneinblick
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Slipknot: Darum bleibt dieses Album geheim

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Billy Falcon - Love Birds
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