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Strange Kisses Songtext

I took a chance, went to the dance.
Just lookin', lookin' for someone new.
I thought you were home, knew I was wrong.
But I was feelin', feelin' so low and blue.
A few strange kisses, was all that I wanted, didn't think it hurt to fool you.
A few strange kisses was all that I wanted, I didn't want to lose you.
I left the dance with my new romance, but soon my little game was through.
I looked 'cross the floor, and through the door, I saw you lookin' for strange kisses too.
Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz
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Coldplay: Kollaboration mit Little Simz

Album Chantilly Lace (1959)

Big Bopper
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Big Bopper - Strange Kisses
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